Our APPLICATION PACKAGE consists of three sections
A.    Registration Form and Fee (for all students)
This form should be filled, signed and presented to the school as soon as possible to reserve the space for the student. The Registration Fee, a one-time annual fee, is required to secure the space and the ordering of the books for the student. This Registration Fee is $600.00 for Grades 5-8 and $550.00 for Grades K-4.  A discount of $100 will be offered if the Registration Fee is paid by July 15,

The yearly Tuition of $4,200 may be paid in 10 equal installments, or annually at a 10 % discount, or semiannually at a 5% discount rate.
1.     Application Form (Page 1)                  2.  Application Form (Page 2) 
B.     Request for Transcripts Form (for new students only)
This form should be filled out, signed and given to the school where the student completed the last grade. This form should be received at GNOCA as soon as possible, but not later than two weeks before the first day of school
C.  Medical Forms (complete for new students and update for existing students)
This section consists of seven individual forms. They should be presented to GNOCA as soon as possible, but not later than two weeks before the first day of school.
  1. Consent to Treatment
  2. Medication Permission
  3. Health Insurance Information
  4. Student Medical Record 
  5. Physician's Examination
  6. Immunization Schedule
  7. Terminology
D.  Uniform Order Form
  1. Uniform order form
NOTE:  Click on the selected form to open the document, then print the form for completion.